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How It Works

Vendor Enrollment
Vendor Enrollment
Vendor’s (Companies or Contractors) whose services fall under technology domains covered by A to Z Tech Exchange can apply on the A to Z WebApp to be listed as a certified vendor. An online form has to be filled up which describes the criteria for being a certified vendor. Certification criteria is based on the vendor’s expertise, quality of work, commitment, size, stability, pricing, past history, etc. Once the vendor submits their request, A to Z Team will analyze the information; and if the vendor matches the selection criteria, an online account will be created for the vendor with a one-time fee for membership.
Client Enrollment
Client Enrollment
A prospective client looking to render A to Z Tech Exchange’s services will have to apply for an online account. This can be done by filling out a form on A to Z WebApp. If the information is found valid by A to Z Team, an online account will be created for the client.
Client Request
Client Request
Clients in need of skilled help to augment their current team or looking to outsource a project can visit A to Z WebApp and fill out the RFQ after logging in. A to Z Team will analyze the requirements of the project, shortlist the vendors from certified vendors’ database, provide them with project specifications and ask for their proposals. Proposals from vendors will be analyzed using the “Proposal Rating Process” which is based on some pre-defined criteria and best matched proposal will be sent to client. Once the client agrees on the proposal, an agreement is reached for the project; and a new project will be added for client and vendor on A to Z Webapp. Once the execution starts for the project all the project management, documentation and communication will be carried out through A to Z Webapp.
Vendor Business Development (A to Z Consulting)
Vendor Business Development
Vendor’s looking to develop new markets for their products or services can approach A to Z Tech Exchange for consulting. A to Z Tech Exchange will provide consulting services on pre-negotiated payment basis. Services typically provided are listed below -
Readiness Assessment
AtoZ Tech Exchange leaders have managed the lifecycle of many large and complex outsourcing projects first-hand and have the skills, insights, and methodologies needed to fully prepare your company for outsourcing. We ensure all of the necessary resources, skills and organizational elements are in place to reach the state of full outsourcing readiness.
Porfolio Analysis
AToZ Tech Exchange will work with your organization to define a set of service offerings that is tailored to your company’s competencies, resources and solutions.
Content Creation
Develop custom content such as whitepapers, newsletters, webinars and in-depth research papers. AtoZ will help you come up with decision-driving content that is thought-provoking, insightful, and buyer-focused to be used at the various stages of the buying cycle. Thought-leading webinars on topics that are highly relevant to distinct customer needs to engage prospects and build awareness brand loyalty.
Cross-Cultural Business Communications
Guidance and education to identify the nuances in communication conventions and bridge the cultural divide to improve business performance. Many of these problems are rooted in miscommunications that stem from cultural differences. Following discussions, each party walks away with a different understanding or differing expectations of what was agreed. Subsequently, there is disappointment and rising distrust. AtoZ tech exchange will provide vendors with training program is designed to break down barriers to effective communications through the understanding of cultural differences.
Services Marketing
Develop a detailed go-to-market strategy for a specific set of service offerings including defining positioning and messaging platforms. Potential customers must be engaged in a way that establishes your expertise and credibility and sets the stage for critically important executive-level conversations. AtoZ Tech Exchange uses a rigorous, structured approach to uncover customer needs, show case your competencies and establish credibility for your organization. Exchange will work with you to develop and execute a PR and media program targeting buyers and influencers of global services.
Conference and Events
Maximize lead generation and branding efforts at events by executing pre-event marketing, event planning and logistics, target prospecting and post-event marketing. We capture and generate interest during the event. Any leads generated are qualified whether an opportunity is worth your time and resources to pursue, and discover insights into the prospective buyer’s world that can be leveraged to advance the sales cycle. AtoZ Tech
Sales Support
Develop frameworks, tools and processes to support sales including creating proof points, case study development, sales presentation development, sales coaching and RFP/bid response support. Instead of running conventional telesales or “lead gen” campaigns, AtoZ will engage prospective buyers through rich, relevant and value-focused interactions that focuses on benefits & results. AtoZ will help create your image as being as a partner who wants to add value to the client’s business.

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