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Analog And Mixed Signal
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Analog & Mixed Signal

Analog & Mixed Signal semiconductor design is a craft which requires skilled engineers and thorough project management to achieve first pass success.

A to Z Tech Exchange has the perfect blend of vendors with skilled engineers and on-board project managers to execute any request we get from the client. Combination of our wide vendor network, technical expertise of management and web based application gives us an unique ability to deliver projects on time and within budget. Clients spend lot of resources to locate, qualify, evaluate and manage a vendor. Even after all these effort they are not guaranteed the quality of work and sometimes the vendor may not have bandwidth which results in the client looking for a new vendor. We would like you to think of A to Z Tech Exchange as your in-house procurement department.

Analog & Mixed Signal Design is a wide field and some of the sub-domains we have exposure to are:

AMS & RF Design
AMS & RF Layout
I/O Design
Digital Front-end
Digital Back-end
Design Automation
Test Development
Reliability Testing
IP Functions
Amplifiers (voltage and current feedback)
Precision amplifiers (linear and chopper stabilized)
Voltage and Current Regulators (switching and linear)
Voltage references
LED and Laser Drivers
Analog to Digital Convertors
Digital To Analog Convertors
Digital Potentiometers
Programmable Gain Amplifiers
Trans-impedance Amplifiers
Gamma buffers
Motor Drivers
Pin Drivers
Data Conversion Systems
Test Equipment
Portable Electronics
Industrial Control Systems
Electronic Games
Additional Services
Datasheet generation

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