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A to Z Tech Exchange has a network of vendors specializing in embedded, real-time, services and solutions. Our services include hardware & firmware development, product prototype creation, project management, legal framework, financial paperwork and consulting.

A to Z understands the business challenges and benefits associated with embedded engineering. A to Z's vendors follows stringent quality checks and source code integrity guidelines. Whether it is kernel level programming for embedded solutions or interfacing peripherals, A to Z offers high integrity, trusted frameworks on which to design, create or re-engineer your products.

Depending on what stage your project is when we come in, we can help your product team with the selection of the proper components (processors, memory, etc.), software requirements, architecture, design and testing, to field trials and production of your embedded product.

Whether you want us to develop a turn-key project, take over the tough stuff, or provide design guidance and expertise, we're there to help you meet your goals.

Below is a list of some of the sub-domains we have exposure to and it is not a comprehensive list, so please submit your request and we will get back to you with a proposal.
Firmware / Device Drivers
A to Z Tech Exchange provides a wide range of development services for embedded driver firmware. Our affiliate vendors have extensive experience in this field, from low level (HAL) driver development to application level driver development. Some of the applications for which we develop firmware are:
Data Networking Firmware
Data Storage Firmware
DSP Firmware
Vendors in A to Z Tech Exchange's network develop embedded firmware primarily in the embedded C/C++ programming languages, with some assembly language as required. This development spans a wide range of embedded processors, including
Power PC Family
Freescale Family
Embedded ARM/StrongARM/Xscale
Embedded MIPs32/64
Multi-Processor based Products
Boot Code Firmware
A to Z Tech Exchange provides a wide range of development services for boot code firmware. Our vendors have extensive experience in the following areas:
Simple Boot Strap Boot Image
Boot Manager based Boot Image
Single or Multi-Processor based Boot Image
Boot Kernel/Boot Loader (Support RTOSs)
Technical Documentation
We encourage our vendors to place special emphasis on documentation. Each of the projects will be delivered with explanation of the functional flow as well as why a specific technology was implemented or why a particular strategy was adopted. The projects are delivered with complete set of documentation. System documentation is important because it allows software maintainability.
Technical design documents which describe the architecture and give an overview of the software
System documentation which can help end customers understand the logic and reason behind implementing a particular solution
We also work aggressively with our vendors to incorporate certificates of originality in the developed firmware.

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