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Printed Circuit Board
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Printed Circuit Baord

Printed Circuit Boards form the basis of any electronic system design and their quality is very crucial for long term reliability of your products. PCBs are the last components you want to worry about while deisgning your system. At A to Z Tech Exchange we have several years of experience and a network of vendors who can serve all your PCB needs.
AtoZ vendors have years of experience providing clients with comprehensive and accurate printed circuit board layout design. A to Z and their vendors work closely with the customer's engineering staff and are dedicated to developing designs which enable enhanced functionality and manufacturability without the need for multiple iterations. We understand the importance of the client's need to effectively transition products from concept to marketplace in a timely manner.
AtoZ works with leading factories in PCB manufacturing which use state-of-the-art PCB manufacturing equipment, complimented by the latest inspection equipment for manufacturing close-tolerance multi-layer boards.
Assembly is a process requiring both innovative manufacturing concepts and flexible technology. A to Z's vendors have the PCB assembly process designed to accommodate all types of printed circuit boards, whether they be small, large, single-sided, double-sided, thin, thick, layered, or even requiring mixed technology. We know that successful PCB assembly requires explicit attention to detail and a broad understanding of how your PCB design needs to function.
There is no single inspection or PCB testing system that will meet the needs of every manufacturing environment. Therefore, a number of factors must be considered in developing any given strategy. A to Z will work with the vendor to deploy an appropriate testing methodology for each project.
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